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"Just returned from a week on the Caribbean Princess and the highlight of the cruise was our evenings in Bert's living room! My husband happened upon him on our second night out and insisted I come along the next night. He was just amazing and we stayed the entire evening! After that we were at every show, each one more delightful than the last! Bert is a fabulous entertainer with a terrific voice and fantastic range of material! He can bring you to tears one minute and pull out a belly laugh the next! We've never seen anyone like him - we're "Bertified" for sure! Will plan our next cruise around his schedule - he's that good!"
Bob and Jaye Sloan, Franklin, IN

"Just a quick note to say, how much I enjoy representing Bert on his Caribbean Cruises. He is a delight, and all the Bertified Fan's are just as delightful. We had thought of a 10 day cruise for December, however Bert wanted all to be able to attend and because of the economy changed to a 7 night. He is always thinking of others, and allows GOD to guide him in both his private and business life. This is how I know he will succeed in all he puts his hand to. We love you Bert! Bert and I met on the Crown Dynasty out of Aruba years ago. As all can will say when you meet him you never forget him! We are looking forward to our Bert Cruise 2 in December. Have a beautiful Spring! God Bless"
Linda Roessiger, Venice , Fl

"We were on the first "Bert Cruise" (I see the grioup photo has been posted) ... Bert was "Awesome & Then Some" ... as expected... What a great time seeing Bert again ... We really enjoyed the Q&A session ... It really was like being in Bert's living room... just a handful of friends having good fun & conversation. I am already having withdrawals! I need a 'Two-fer' !!!"
Elaine Margolis, Marana, AZ

"Bert, I know you have many fans. I do wish you the best, because you are the best. May God bless you on your travels and I do hope to see you perform again. I will definately buy your second cd."
Charlotte, Warrenton, VA

"Just got back from a Princess cruise, and saw Bert for the first time. He's AMAZING! I thoroughly enjoyed his how several times. Bert is a bright light in the mass of humanity!!!"
Carole Bellacera, Manassas, VA

"We just came off the Caribbean Princess on Monday and Bert was with us all week. What a terrific entertainer! Funny, full of energy, and loves what he does. Definitely the best entertainment on the ship!"
Bill, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

"Bert you are the best, since I bought your CD on the cruise I can't stop listening to it. Thank you for making your music, and my days on the cruise unforgettable."
Iris, Chicago, IL

"Cruised on Caribbean Princes Aug.26-Sep.2/07. A fantastic cruise, with Bert making it even better. We were throughly entertained at each and every performance. How this guy can entertain each and every night, (he never sits) is amazing. A true entertainer and a more personable person you will never meet. Bert is a more accomplished performer than most of the people you would spend hundreds of dollars on in Vegas. The next time we cruise it will be on the ship where Bert is."
Allan & Brenda Eisen, Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

"We just returned from our 3rd Bert cruise, and the man just keeps getting better and better ... Since our first Caribbean Princess cruise when we met Bert, our next two cruises were scheduled around Bert's schedule, as that is the main reason for going on the cruise ... Sound silly??? Give it a try!!! ... going for #4 in October, 2007 ... Love ya, Bert and GOD BLESS!"
Bill & Cookie, Brooklyn, IA

"If you ever travel on Princess Cruise Lines try and make it a cruise with Bert Stratton. My wife and I have been on two cruises now with Bert and are looking forward to another one. We are truly "Bertified" and proud of it. He is a magnificent entertainer. All we can do is close by saying "TWO-FER""
Bob and Donna Jacobs, Boardman, OH

"I posted some comments in the fall of 2005, from our first Bert cruise. I said the next time I booked, it would be the first time I booked a cruise for the entertainer. It took us 18 months to go back but we did and it was even better the second time around. I didn't think Bert could get any better, but he has. Again, we didn't miss one of his 10 shows and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment. We met another couple who were on their 4th "See Bert Cruise", with a 5th already booked. If you want to see the finest singer, comedian, piano player sailing the seven seas, YOU MUST SEE BERT."
Tom & Lola Newquist, Valencia, CA

"My wife and I just got back from our very first Cruise on the Caribbean Princess 3/25 - 4/01/07 and as we were on our way back to our room on Wednesday night we came down the hall, and stumbled into "Bert's Living room." Apparently there is no out door on this room, because we could not leave. What a talent he is, a gifted Piano player, an amazing voice with such range and such control. His Bertism's had us in stiches and his personality caused us to come back every night. I did not even go and watch the Semi finals of the Final four because I wanted to see Bert. Next time we sail, we will see if Bert is there before we book. I "Never would, never would, never would," want to cruise Princess without Bert with an E."
Dave & Lisa Nyquist Canton, Michigan

"Fran and I saw you show on the Caribbean Princess last summer 2006 We just loved your show it was the best part of our cruise, We just booked a cruise on the Caribbean Princess in hopes to see you again Bert! (You're the Greatest Kid) Love Ya ! "
Ken and Fran, Cleveland, Ohio

"We (Jolene and I)just got back from our first cruise together.(1/21/07-1/28/07) What a true pleasure it was to find Bert! We were leaving the dining room and we heard this phenomenal voice that turned out to be Bert. What a truly sincere person. It is obvious he loves what he does and he is extremely good at it as well. I cannot believe his songs are not playing on radio nationwide yet. We are planning an Alaska cruise for 8/08...hoping Bert will be on that one as well!!"
Kevin Keller, Bloomington, NY

"Bert, Once again you were the comsummate host ... it was such a pleasure to once again see you last month. Cookie and I (along with Eric & Melissa) were simply enthralled with your performances. Cookie and I are planning on seeing you again in May to celebrate our 8th "anniversary" and we couldn't think of anywhere else that we would like to be. God bless you and Eva, along with your entire family. See you in approximately 6 months!!!"
Bill Montgomery, Brooklyn, IA

"The poem says it all--his great talent and his wonderful person! He is a great entertainer and a kind and loving individual. We love Bert and Eva, too. Next April we will be taking our fifth cruise with him. I guess, based on his comment about persons who have seen him ten times, I best "get a life". I have loved every minute of the 20+ times I have seen him. Most times, I am there from the beginning of the first show to the end of his second one. When I am not on a cruise with him, I almost never miss a day of listening to his CDs and watching videos of him--his DVD and some I took of him on the last cruise. Thank you, Mr. Ditch, for the good work you have done in organizing his fan club and keeping it going."
Aletha Blow, Franklin, NC

"Bert... what have you done to my parents!! They are CRAZY about you! It's not just anyone that mummy will write a tribute poem for ... she saves her talent for the very special ones! "wink wink" I look forward to one day getting the chance to cruise and experience first hand your "living room"! Thanks"
Karen Hulsey, Temple, GA (Daughter of Herb and Sheri Bridges, Standish, Maine)

"My husband Bill and I heard Bert for the first time on the Caribbean Princess in November, 2006 and became instant fans. Bill and I now have a whole new vocabulary. If Bill wants me to do something and I'm hesitant he says "Participitation is mandatory, not optional. Say it..Participitation...throw your head back. That's right.""
Jo Anne Geiger, St. Johns Bay, FL

"November 5,2006 is almost here. I can't wait to see Bert again. What a wonderful voice he has and I love being in his living room. My last cruise was October, 2005 not only did I find a wonderful performer I also met Melissa and Eric and we will all sit in his "living room" again. Counting the days and hours that Bill, Cookie, Melissa and Eric can see you again."
Cookie Peckham, Maumelle, AK

"Our two'fer is drawing near!! November 5 2006 !! We will be celebrating our one year anniversary of knowing Bert as well as some close friends Cookie and Bill who we met while cruising last October 2005!!! We are considered the fearsome foursome from Mister Stratton himself who has truely brought us all together as a family where we will soon be in our living room!!! We love you Bert and thank you for the bonds and friendships you have given us. You are truely our "one and only""
Eric and Melissa Giambrone, Rochester, NY

"Just loved Berts irrepressable humour on our Alaskan trip on Star Princess in 2003. Thanks Bert for making our trip extra special."
Trish and Bruce Jefferies, Taupo, New Zealand

"Bert is AWESOME!!! An extremely talented & passionate musician. I saw Bert on my first cruise to Mexico and it was the highlight of my trip. I was disappointed when I had to choose between a cruise with Bert on the ship or a cruise to Alaska for my honeymoon ... Alaska won this time. BUT as it turns out I get to go on another cruise so it looks like I will have my cake & eat it too! We listen to his CD quite often & I'm looking forward to getting the next one (but I will wait for the cruise so I get have it autographed!) Certified Bertified!"
Elaine Margolis, Tucson, AZ

"My husband and I became official Bert Groupies when we sailed with Bert on the Golden Princess (02-22-2003). We introduced our tablemates to Bert and they too were hooked. So every night after dinner, we (us, Sally & Roger, Jen & Dave, and Allen & Sharon) would all meet up again at the Bert show! We were hooked b/c we was so lively and happy! He just completed the perfect Cruzín atmosphere. The following year we were cruzín again on Princess this time on the brand new Caribbean Princess. Prior to our October 2004 cruz I emailed Bert and he confirmed be would be on our sailing. We were once again reunited ñ it was a true ìtwo-ferî!!!! Once again we are sailing on the Caribbean Princess and Iím praying he'll also be on our upcoming October 21, 2006 cruz (Where I belong and so does Bert!)!! We are in desperate need of a Bert fixe with lots of "two-fers!!!" Bert is iconic and I canít wait to see Bert again ñ this time for a two-fer plus one!! Hugs,"
Ruth E. (and Brian), Lakeland, FL (a/k/a Cruzín Mermaid)

"We have cruised 3 times since our cruise with Bert and cannot bear to cruise again without him... it just is not the same! We have never had as much fun as our nights in his living room.(so good, so good) Watching the video clips here makes it difficult to wait until January when we are booked! This will be our twofer!"
Linda Williams, Independence, MO

"Bert is the best! We saw him on our cruise July 22-29. WOW. Be sure to buy his CD "Above and Beyond." He is great covering other people's songs, but he is an even better songwriter. I love his original work."
Jan Connolly, Eau Claire, WI

"We sailed on the Caribbean Princess on July 8th & were smitten by Bert. WOW, we've been from Vegas to New York & have never experienced an entertainer who has a true gift & passion for composing music & entertaining. My husband & I have had severe "Bert Withdrawals" for about 2 and 1/2 weeks now! I want to get back on that ship right now just to go see Bert. Whenever my life gets crazy & hectic & stressful, I think of Bert & his living room & it truly makes me smile & remember very happy times. He is truly the best we've seen & he touched our hearts as well. Thank you Bert!!"
Marisa Beckett, Midland, TX

"Sailed on Carribean Princess July 1st -8th. Stumbled in on Bert's performance on the 3rd night. I was mesmerized. Stood and listened to him for 3 hours! Besides his obvious talent, he has charm and a very endearing quality that makes you feel like you've known him all your life. I bought his CD and everytime I listen to it, I like it more. Good luck and hope you reach great heights. Please add me to your fan club."
Runi Sriwardena, Colonia, NJ

"My DH and I were on the Caribbean Princes 5/13-5/20 for our 30th Wedding Anniversary! We are so Bertified! Bert, you are truly amazing and truly gifted...you made our Cruise for us...we loved listening to you each night...could not get enough! My DH videotaped a little of you Bert and we watch it all the time and laugh all over again...couldn't wait to get home and show everyone! And we can't wait to see you again...will definitely plan our next cruise around your schedule! LOL! Thank you for singing a special song for us for our anniversary! We love you and your music...keep on singing! You are truly a product of Our Creator, above! God Bless You,"
Rick and Merry, Franklin, OH

"I have just returned from my fourth cruise with Bert. I did not think it possible, but he's BETTER THAN EVER, Folks, if you have not seen him, you just don't know what you're missing. He is a great singer, song writer, pianist, and entertainer. And most of all, he is a GREAT PERSON! We love you Bert and we love Eva, too!"
Aletha, NC

"You are the best entertainer I have ever witnessed, I will book my next cruise around your schedule."
Lee Sylvester & Shar, Southfield, MI

"My wife and I just did a cruise on the Carribean Princess, Mar 18 to 25. We saw Bert the second night there and were hooked. He is tremendous, what an entainer. People go on a cruise to get away from everyday stress and the hustle and bustle. Bert makes you forget any thing about real life and enjoy and laugh every minute you're with him. Keep on smiling Bert with an E and thankyou for making our vacation unforgetable."
Brian & Karen Davey Ontario, Canada

"Thirteen of us did a cruise the week of 3/11/06 for my brothers 50th birthday. We are all now Bertified Bertifans. This was my 17th cruise and there has been no other entertainment that compares to Bert. He really enjoys what he does and we loved being in his Living Room. He is So Good, So Good, So Good."
Mary Martone, Selkirk, NY

"I celebrated my 80th birthday during our Caribbean cruise March 3rd thru 11th 2006 and I've seen live performances from many top-notch entertainers in my lifetime ( Bobby Short, Liberace, Michael Finestein to name a few ) but none of them are as entertaining as Bert. If you want to experience an entertainer who has a great voice, who's a brilliant pianist, and very funny, check Bert Stratton out!! His DVD is very good but it pales to his live performance!"
Bill Tumblin, Newark, OH

"I was Bertified just last week Feb 25-March 4 on the Caribbean Princess. My family of 4 and my niece just fell in love with Bert. He is a wonderful entertainer that leaves you laughing, crying and singing along. This was our first time cruising with Princess before we have always used another cruise line. But from now on we will be cruising with Bert. He touched our lives and he is now part of our family. We couldn't wait to get home with the CD and DVD to share with our friends and family and now they too are fans of Bert. He is so down to earth and easy to talk too and we left him on the last night with a hug, then a group hug. We love you Bert, you're amazing! Can't wait to see you again!"
Susan and Charlie Beal, New Carlisle, OH

"I was the Bill of the Eric, Melissa, Cookie and Bill on the Princess cruise in October, 2005. I did not see you the first night on the ship, but Cookie and I were leaving the late dining room on the 2nd night and Cookie asked, "Where is that wonderful voice coming from?" That's when we found you, Bert, and we were there each subsequent night of the cruise, hooked. We plan to join Eric and Melissa for the 2006 cruise and it is primarily because of you that we will be returning. We plan on seeing you again in November of this year (2006). Take care and God bless..."
Bill Montgomery, Brooklyn, IA

"We met Bert for the first time on a cruise in October of 2005!!! Instantly we were dazzled by his awesome piano skills and hysterical humor!! Warmed by many hugs and honored by dedications Bert soon became a member of our family!! Since then we have planned another cruise in 2006!! Bert is a one of a kind must see!!"
Eric and Melissa Giambrone, Rochester NY

"My husband Tim and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by selecting a Princess Cruise. We both agreed that Bert was the highlight of the cruise. We found ourselves planning our entire evening around Bert's performances, getting to the "living room" an hour early to get a front row seat. He had us laughing with his "two-fers" and crying to songs that have been special to us over the years. Bert even played our favorite song for our 25th. We have one of his CD's and hope to buy all that he puts out. We were on the Carribbean Princess Oct. 15-22, 2005. When we book our next cruise, it WILL have to have him on it. Thanks Bert. And it is SO great to know you are a Christian. No wonder you touch so many lives. God bless you brother!"
Tim and Pam Hahn, Lexington, NC

"Nov 26, 05 - we cruised the Carr. Princess with Bert with an "e" Stratton - Once he has filled you with his contagious voice, lyrics, antics and smile - you will never be the same. Goosebumps, tears, smiles & plenty of hearty clapping and singing left us with a joy that has lasted longer than any other vacation experience in the past. This charismatic mystical man sweeps his voice across the crowd & empowers his listeners with a huge variety of musical genres - I still can't believe his talents. We were privileged to 'partici-pi-tate' in one of his shows every evening. We look forward to cruising again aboard the Princess & will book only if Bert is scheduled to perform!"
Roger & Gloria Dragstedt - Palm Coast, FL

"We WERE in Bert's living room last November 2004. WILL be in Bert's living Nov 26-Dec 3 2005. WILL buy the DVD. Have listened to the Above and Beyond CD almost every day. He IS fantastic yet so humble. Once he has you hooked you will not get him out of your mind."
Sheri & Herbert Bridges, Standish, ME

"We received Bert's DVD in the mail today...WOW. A superb DVD, excellent work by the video technicians, Audio technicians and all who help produce this fantastic project. The DVD makes us feel like we're right back in the lounge on the Caribbean Princess and Bert is flawless as usual. If you have not seen Bert in person, get this DVD I guarantee you will be booking a cruise to see him!!!"
Tom & Lola Newquist, Valencia, CA

"What a great guy !!! And he can sing also !!! We loved and enjoyed Bert so much , we bought his C.D. his Shirts , and booked our next cruise around Berts dates of apearances. Its also nice to know that Bert is a Christian."
Ron Leda Larry Cheryl, Lawrenceville, GA

"As a long time performer/musician myself I can fully appreciate what it takes to do what Bert does. It ain't easy folks. He cares, he enjoys and he thrives on it. We were on the Princess East carribean cruise of 10-1 to 10-6-2005. Talking to him after a couple of his shows it didn't take long to realize that here was a genuinely nice person. We wish him every success. Bert, it was a pure pleasure. Thanks."
Fred & Nadine, Olney, MD

"Just got off the Caribbean Princess yesterday and already we are having Bert withdrawel....he is by far one of the best entertainers we have ever had the pleasure to experience. We caught his act just about every night in Crooners and were lucky enough to be front row for his preformance in the Explorer Lounge. He was even so kind as to give us both a hug when we left his last show of the cruise. Didn't buy the DVD on the ship and now am kicking ourselves...hope it will be available on line soon. Al we can say is Bert we love you!!!"
Ernie and Peggy L'Heureux, Bradenton, FL

"Amazing! That is what we were saying when we left Bert's first performance, and the second and third... the week of August 6, 2005. My husband and I had our 16 year old son and his 16 year old friend with us and we asked them to join us one evening. They must have enjoyed it because they came back telling friends, and they are still saying two-fer, a lot. I cannot wait for the DVD. We have been on many cruises and he has, by far, been the best entertainer we have ever seen on a cruise. Looking forward to next time!"
David & Cheryl, Summerfield, NC

"We met Bert on Oct. 8 cruise. Love him--listen to his CD all the time. Look forward to another Bert cruise. Please include us in his fan club. Thanks."
Linda and Eric Fromme, Ponte Vedra, Fl

"WOW! I had no idea Bert had a fan club, much less with so many wonderful comments on his website! All I know is that my husband and I just went on the Caribbean Princess Oct.8-15, 2005, and had a BERT encounter! He's terrific! He's so talented, and so charming you want to hug him and pinch his cheeks! My husband doesn't impress easily, yet he wanted to see Bert again and again during our cruise! We live in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and, if Bert is ever appearing, we'd love to see him. We'll definitely look for him on future cruises!"
Bernice and Richard, Deerfield Beach, Fl

"We have just spent Two weeks on the Carribean Princess to celibrate our Tenth Wedding Anniversary, We Met BERT what a talented entertainer we were bertified the twofers just kept coming and so did the rest of the passengers. Thanks Bert for making our first cruise and our Tenth Wedding Anniversary a very memeroble one."
Roy & Sue Sellwood, Kent, England

"Didn't miss a performance that Bert did on the Sept. 17 - 24, 2005 Caribbean Princess Cruise. Never thought I would book future cruises based on seeing a particular entertainer, but now that we've seen Bert, can't wait to see him again. We have definitely been 'Bertified'! If you have the opportunity - SEE HIM!!"
Tom & Lola Newquist, Valencia, CA

"My husband, daughter and I took our very first cruise 7/23 - 7/30 on the Carribean Princess to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and that's where we met Bert. We saw him perform almost every night. Our 14 year old daughter enoyed him as much as we did. He's a fantastic talented performer and a super nice guy. Of course, we bought his cd, but should have gotten 2 because my daughter plays it in her room all the time. He made our cruise such a wonderful time and when we go again, I definitely want to go when he's there. Thank you Bert, with an e. We love you."
Karen Babka, Hughesville, MD

"I think I'm officially Bertified. After seeing Bert on my very first Princess cruise last week, I now own the CD and can't wait to go on my next cruise. It looks like we'll have to check the web site for his schedule before booking because my husband and I would not want to go on another Princess cruise without Bert on board to entertain. Bert is amazing at spreading the love in the "living room." Everyone feels like they are a part of an intimate setting in the middle of the hallway. We love cruising for our vacations because we get to visit so many different places in just a week's time but now Bert is his own port for us to visit over and over."
Theresa Nelson, State College, PA

"I just got back from seeing Bert for the second time and all I can say is "Wow"! As far as I'm concerned, there's no better way to spend an evening. I just got back yesterday and I'm having severe Bert withdrawal! I know I'll be watching his DVD over and over again until I can get my next Bert fix. Thanks, Bert, for making cruise so much fun."
Marilyn Taylor, Valrico, FL

"We spent our honeymoon (the week of 4/30/05-5/7/05) aboard the Caribbean Princess and was blown away by Bert's performance. So much so that we just booked another cruise on the same ship this January. We can't wait to see him again!"
Sam & Linda Messina, Newfield, NJ

"Hi, What do I need to do do become part of Bert fan club? I saw him the week of Aug, 6th while on our cruise. My husband and I were hooked. Bert is an absolute true performer. He puts his heart and soul into every performance and makes any age group welcome. He leaves you wanting for more no matter how many times you see the show. A two-fer of Bert is not enough."

"We were on the Caribbean Princess (8/6-8/13), and the highlight of our trip was evenings with Bert Stratton. He is a very gifted and talented entertainer. My girls are 18 and 13 and they loved to come with us to the shows. Bert made our trip incredibly memorable. He is so very kind and gracious. We wish the world had more people in it like Bert. He is a tremendous human being. Hugs & kisses."
The Parrinello's, Franklin Square, New York

"My husband and I just returned from our first cruise aboard the Carribean Princess. The entire cruise was wonderful but I must say Bert Stratton was the highlight of the cruise. He is wonderful and I cannot wait to purchase his DVD that was taped while on our cruise. By far his shows are the best on the Carribean Princess. He has such a magnetic personality and is a wonderful performer. We are now Bertified for sure! "
Debbie & Jim Watson, Lakeland, FL

"We just returned from seeing Bert on the Caribbean Princess July16-23. We are definitely Bertified!! Please sign us up for his fan club. There's no one like Bert!! "
Lynn and Mike Carlyle

"We just got home from our cruise aboard the Caribbean Princess 7/09/04. Wow what a great guy, We've all been Bertified, my 16 year old son Daniel thought he was the best performer on the ship and after spending 5 minutes with Bert I agreed.So good So great!!!! He was by far the best thing about the cruise Please put us in the fan club. Bert is awesome!!!!!"
Maida and Daniel Sahin

"Bert is the best performer I know. He's a boatload of fun. I bought the CD and want to be like Bert when I grow up."
Scott Ossim, Fishers, IN

"Bravo!!!!! Thank you for producing this......I had the pleasure of meeting Bert in '99 on a cruise---will never forget him....he is AWESOME. I just got out one of his CD's that I had purchased way back then (I believe I purchased the first 2 he had---how many does he have cut now?) His smilin' face, huge heart and extraordinary talent will forever be etched in my memory. Keep up the great work. Unfortunately, that has been the only cruise I have been on. Hopefully I will again cruise, while he is still rockin' the boat!!! Have a great day!!"
Dixie Thorp

"Just returned from our cruise and am listening to Bert's cd. The music is WONDERFUL!! We especially love the song "Their Ain't Nobody Else." Keep up the writing and the wonderful shows!!"
Eric and Kimberley, West Palm Beach, FL

"Attached is a picture of Bert and my 81 year young mother , Micki Shaw Cox (former Jazz singer herself in Palm Beach during the 60's). The photo was taken last week during our Princess Cruise 11-17 June. Bert is a superb entertainer. My wife, children and mother really enjoyed his show every night of the cruise. He is definitely a must see at any opportunity."
Mike Cox

"Truly an outstanding performer. A must see anywhere anytime! He was the icing on the cake during our Caribbean Princess cruise 11-17 June 05. Underneath all that talent is a caring individual who touches his audience by his genuine charm, compassion and love of performing. Keep it up Bert...that's your name and entertaining is your game! By the way, we played his CD today the day after our cruise. It's great! I want to snap my head back and say, "Two-fer". Canít seem to get the "My name's Bert". What's my name?" out of my head. It didn't seem to have the same effect on my 81 year old mother however; she keeps talking about how good you were and asks me what was his name again? She didn't miss a show. We wish you all the best and hope to be privileged to sail with you again."
The Cox Family, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

"We have just come back from our first cruise ever on the Carribban Princess (May 14th-21st 2005) We had no idea what to expect when we went, but I have to say when we cruise again we want to be where Bert is performing! He changed our lives and made the cruise the best expirence of our lives! Thank you Bert for being the wonderful person you are! Add us to your fan club!!"
Rebecca Lynn & Chuck DeGroff, Blue Springs,MO

"Since returning home June 4, 2005 from my cruise on Caribbean Princess, I couldn't stop singing Bert's tunes. He is an incredible talent across the board--singer, entertainer and songwriter. His words and melodies have lifted my spirit to a new height and have touched my heart forever. I have posted all "Bertisms" on my refrigerator door along with some of the most memorable verses from his original tunes. One cannot help but fall in love with Bert. After a total of 15 cruises taken over the years (2 on Princess), I can honestly say that this last Princess cruise was the ultimate in fun, laughter and sheer joy and Bert with an "e" was responsible for it all. I got so carried away in the "Bert" moment that, only after the first performance, I told him I loved him in front of his entire audience followed by a big hug and now "I'm ridin the Wind"."
Elena Tedoldi, New York, NY

"We did our third cruise with Bert on May 14. He never disappoints, loved this time as much as the others. Looking forward to our fourth and fifth, etc. cruise with him."
Terry and Becki Cooper, Winston, OR

"What is it about this guy "Bert"? Love reading all of the fan comments. He seems to get under our skin and in our brains! We just can't stop thinking about him! Day after day we are checking his site! We listen to his CD almost daily! He has that "special something"! We cruised with him last November and will cruise again this coming November 2005. Guess he is just one of the nicest guys we or anyone could ever meet. Must be like a "good addiction'! Writing to the fan club site seems like good, cheap, therapy! Bert, we'll be seeing you in your 'living room'."
Herbert and Sheri Bridges, Standish, Maine

"My wife and I met Bert during a May 2005 cruise. This guy rocks! We watched him each night of our cruise and I cannot think of a live entertainer that I would rather spend an evening with. There is a down side to a week with Bert...time flies when he does his thing and the next thing you know it is time to say goodbye."
Gary and Donita Mariegard, Montana City, Montana

"My wife Judie and I were on the Carribean Princess early in May 2005. For us, Bert proved to be the best entertainment on the ship. We are without question Bertified, and happy to be. He is an energizing performer. I have two of his CD's and they are Sooooo GOOD! I hope to see him again."
Bill Leighton, Orrington, Maine

"Have just returned from the Caribbean Princess on May 7, where I attended every session when Bert performed. We changed the dates of our cruise because Bert was on vacation at the time originally booked. He is a great entertainer and a wonderful person. Just can't imagine a cruise without Bert! He is the greatest! "
Aletha, Franklin, NC

"I met Bert Last Week. Bert definitely needs therapy! Maybe I'll see him at my next group meeting :) But seriously folks, Bert is a wonderful musician and song writer and I look forward to hearing his songs on the radio!"
John Hanken, Conn Rapids, MN

"I've seen Bert twice, and am thoroughly Bertified! And just so every1 knows, Bert doesn't need therapy anymore. I should know, I was his therapist."
Richard, Leadenham, Lincoln, LN5 OPF

"Just off the Cruise ending the 5th of March and I must say that Bert made the Cruise the Best ever. We spent every night in the Crooners Lounge listening to his music. We bought his original CD and enjoyed his music for the 1 hour car ride home. I have never experienced a talent like Bert. He is not only a great entertainer, but a very talented song writer and singer. Bert is a very sincere and nice person, and that is hard to find these days. To you Bert, Sherry and I will treasure the time spent together in "Berts Livingroom". If you get the chance to cruise and hear Bert you will never forget it, this I promise. In closing one can only hope that Bert realizes all of his dreams."
Randy and Sherry, Waterloo, IA

"Bert made our cruise (1/30/05 ) one of the best! Here is a picture of me and my wife with Bert. Bert is a GREAT ENTERTAINER and a nice guy."
Anthony and Margie Greco, Chelsea Ma.

"We were on the Jan. 29th sailing of the Caribbean Princess and were so lucky to stumble upon Bert. He was the highlight of all the entertainment on the ship. We had very rocky seas, but he made the trip utterly enjoyable. Princess is so lucky to have this person. I wish they would share him on all of their ships. He is truly an asset to their line."
Bill and Karen Martin, Allison Park, PA

"I just had my first Bert encounter aboard the Caribbean Princess for the Valentines week cruise. I am definitely Bertified. I cant fall asleep anymore without listening to my Bert CD. He's definitly an addiction. Luckily a healthy one."
Brad Gray, Westland, MI

"We just returned from the Caribbean Princess 2/12-2/19/05 and this is the second time we were fortunate enough to hear Bert perform. Not only is he a talented singer, piano player and comedian - what an incredible songwriter. After he performed a couple "bertiful" love songs of his - we just had to purchase the CD. Now I can't get the songs out of my head! He is an incredibly talented man and we will keep him in our thoughts for success in the industry that is nearest and dearest to him!"
Steve and Linda, Minnesota

" I became "Bertified" along w/my wife, brother and our Mom during 01/23-01/28/05 on our first cruise aboard the "Carribean Princess". Never heard of Bert before, we just stumbled upon him Sunday evening. It took about 5 minute's and I was hooked, we grabbed a seat (lucky we could fine one) and the next thing we knew it was midnight. Bert is fantastic, he will make you laugh until you cry with his "twoferrs", etc. We didn't miss a show the rest of the week. What we did miss was a seat because you couldn't find one, he is that good. It is great to hear and see a talented entertainer these days that is clean in the content of his shows, one I could bring our children to. He takes an interest in his fans and you come away after a week saying "I have just met a great guy". We bought one of his "Boat load" CD's and enjoy listening to it in our home. Looking forward to seeing Bert again on our next cruise, he is great."
George & Cathy Schulz, Lake Mills, WI

"We were fortunate to happen upon Bert on the Caribbean Princess the week of Jan.29/05 and we and our fellow travellers were immediately taken by Bert and his energy.He truely is a star in our eyes and draws people in by his antics and enthusiasm. He is a very sensitive and caring performer who deserves much more recognition than he has. His style is not appreciated by everybody but if he gets a chance he will do all he can to win you over.We look forward to seeing him again sometime. Best Wishes."
Mary& Brian Gallaher, London,Ontario

"Just returned from our cruise on Caribbean Princess 1/15-1/22. And to tell you the truth, being in the entertainment business, what a surprise to find a real honest to God, down home, get down, and boogie till the wee hours of the morning entertainer named........"what's my name....Bert!" a true icon. Spent a lot of time speaking to this most imaginative individual. His style and interpretation of music is uncanny. We promised to stay in touch and I know he will. Princess is sooooooo lucky to have him and no one... I mean no one...puts out more energy and will not stop until everyone is satisfied. A little known fact... his favorite artist..... Connie Francis!! (just kidding) he'll remember. By the way... buy the new cd, it's awesome!! In closing, God bless ya Bert. Keep on smiling, that's God's great gift to you! You are the best. Will be in touch."
Bruce & Lynda Chansky, Worcester, MA

"We just sailed on the Carribean Princess January 15-22,2005. Didn't find Bert in the lounge until the 3rd night, we wish we had found him sooner. We attended his show everynight, most nights standing room only. First cruise that we didn't go to one of the production shows, we couldnt miss Bert! Such a great laugh and great personality..... we hope to see him again."
Daniel & Staci Rowenhorst, Fredericksburg, VA

"Lloyd and I took our first cruise on the Sea Princess 4 years ago on the western Carribean route. I was scared to sail, but after getting on board and meeting Bert, the scared part disappeared. We were in his "living room" every night. I have bought both CD's and relive that trip everytime I hear his music. Where is he when it comes to the "Grammy" awards??? He has real talent. He does a lot more than spit and walk funny. He has created music that will last through the ages. Bert, we love you !!!!!!"
Patti and Lloyd McIntyre - Charleston, WV

"Bert has the best piano bar/living room I've ever seen. I have never seen another entertainer draw a crowd in and keep them there the way Bert does. He's got an amazing talent that just kept me going back for more. I'm sure happy I got to be "Bertified.""
Marilyn Taylor, Valrico, FL

"I just went on my first cruise and Bert was there and I "fell in love" with his performance. I am so glad I had the opportunity he is just SUPER. I should have gotten his CD there - but didn't so I sent for one soon as I got home."
Anna Merrill, North Hills, CA

In December 2004, my wife Nancy lost her Father to a battle with leukemia. She has always been a big Christmas fan with gifts for everyone, the house decorated to the hilt and is truly filled with the real meaning of Christmas. Needless to say, it was not a happy time, the many hours she had spent with her Dad had not allowed for the usual shopping, decorating and etc. We decided to take our first Christmas cruise. Bert was the highlight of the trip. His great talent for music and humor helped brighten our Christmas by allowing us to move away from the grief and realize there is so much that is beautiful in this world we live in. Bert has now traveled with us thousands of miles in our car via CD and he will always be remembered for, unknowingly to him, helping us through a very difficult time. We booked the Christmas cruise again this year and are looking forward to spending a little more enjoyable time with the master."
Jim and Nancy Lightfoot, Windermere, FL

"We have just become 'Bertified' on the Caribbean Princess. We walked into his living room and got hooked. We were there every night in the front row. He is one of the most talented guys we could ever meet and such a special person--so cute, so kind, so friendly, so caring, and so good, so good, so good!!!! He deserves to have a lot more recognition. Will certainly check to see where he is playing when we get ready to plan our next cruise. Have a piece of the 'boatload' of cd's. Makes us  feel like we are really missing a good friend when listening to the music. Herbert feels very flattered that he has "bert' in his name==just throws back his head on the 'bert part". Bert, we love you."
Herbert and Sheri Bridges, Standish, ME

"I had the privilege of sailing the Caribbean Princess last week. That was my first cruise to miss the production shows. Once we found Bert it was easy to decide where we would spend our evening. I've told everyone since my return about Bert's show. I hope to get the chance to see him again. Please sign me up for the fan club."

"We first saw Bert about 2 and a half years ago on the 'Sea Princess' and didn't think we'd ever see him again. Much to our surprise, there he was on the 'Carribean Princess', and he really made our cruise even more wonderful. I mean "what are the chances on seeing him both times in our only two cruises we've done on Princess Cruise Line". He really is one of a kind and we want to thank him and the Princess Cruise for having him on our ship."
Keith & Celina, College Point, NY

"My wife and I just got Bert-a-fied on the 10-9-04 Carribean Princess cruise. We laughed and sang with Bert every night! Glad they moved him to the Explorer's Lounge. Still had a hard time getting a seat!!! Love Those Two-fers!!! What's his name... BERT!!!!!!!!!"
Sam Fusco, Doylestown, PA

"Just wanted Bert to know how much we enjoy him on our Alaska cruise on the Diamond Princess. We sail Aug.28th 2004. If you read this Bert you said I had the best laugh of any one on your cruises. My husband and I are still laughing and as we say your name BERT as we throw our heads back. Its so good, so good, sooo good!!!! We hope to book again with you one of these days soon. We got your CD also and enjoy very much listening to it. We sure wish you would come to Las Vegas they would love you here. We would fine you a nice living room for you and a few hundred of your close friends. We would be up in the front row... I hope you found everything Ok when you went back home with all the Hurricane. We wish you well Bert. A Fan for sure"
Chrisite & Alan Jensen, Las Vegas NV

"We cruised on the Diamond Princess 8-28-04 through 9-4-04. Oh my, how do you even begin describing an evening with Bert? I haven't seen my husband laugh like that in many moons. He even participated in the participitation times. My husband and I are so thankful for Bert sharing his talents and personality with us on the cruise. He certainly was the highlight of the entire cruise. Personality, talent, integrity and compassion are only a few of his qualities. He was right that singing Sweet Caroline will never be the same. Thank you Bert!!!!"
Randy and Brenda Bigler

"We have booked a cruise on the Caribbean Princess in Oct. just to see and hear Bert again. We first saw him a couple of years ago on the Sea Princess. We have been trying to fit our schedule with his ever since and are very excited that we finally have booked another cruise where he will be performing. I am so happy when I read the fan's e-mails and know that he has so many fans who follow his schedule. We have both of his CD's and I keep them in my car and listen every time I drive it. Please ad us to the fan club."
Bill and Nancy Giles, Cherokee, Alabama.

"Hello! In 1997 my daughter, 2 friends and I were at Opryland. We went aboard a ship docked there, and walked into the lounge. There was Bert Stratton. I have listened to the cd and tapes we acquired that day for the past seven years. I tried writing to Bert in care of opryland but they never responded. I couldn't find out anything about him--not from the internet,concert listings or record labels.  I had no idea where he was-but I never gave up. Every few months I would enter his name on Google.com, and anywhere else I could think of. A couple of weeks ago, I tried again---and The Bert Stratton Fan Club appeared!! I couldn't believe my eyes.  I am so grateful because without you I would still be listening to the same songs for another 7 years!! I am now listening to Bert Strattons new cd, and I love it. I can't listen to it enough. His music makes my spirits soar, and we sure need that in this world, don't we? Thank you again for setting up a fan club. He deserves it! Oh oh-I think I'm going thru Bert Stratton withdrawal!! It's been too long--almost an hour! I have to turn that strereo back on now. Bye !!, and Thanks again,"
Pat Biksacky, Orland Park, IL

"My parents and I saw Bert on the Golden Princess December 2002, and again in July 2004 on the Diamond Princess (this time with my grandma as well). When we heard he would be performing on this cruise also, we were thrilled! Hopefully we can see him perform again soon. The music he plays is wonderful and he begins to recognize his "regulars" that come listen every night. It's always an amazing show!!"
Lindsey, Salisbury, MD

"I first saw Bert on Dolphin lines and fell in love, saw him 3 more times on cruises on Dophin and then in an open air concert in Ft Lauderdale. Last time I saw him on a cruise was Feb 1999. He never disappoints. Have been listening on my CD player since. Now that I know where he will be I'll be booking Princess just to see him. Its great to know everyone feels the same."
Dianne Glasser, Port St Lucie, FL

"Bert was just a wonderful ending to each day. We were on the 4th of July Diamond cruise and were there each evening. Enjoyed his humor,his excellent voice and piano skills. Bert was sheer joy and we'll certainly be thrilled to know he's on our next cruise."
Ed & Fran Lancaster, Mercer, PA

"Diamond Princess 17 - 24 July 2004
His piano playing was fantastic.
His voice is quite unique
His humour had me crying...........
but the thing that had me bought and sold on Bert was his integrity. This is a genuinely great human being who has decided that everything he will ever get in his life will be obtained through providing happiness to others. Well done Bert - a great role model to other entertainers."
Alex Nairn, Woking, Surrey, England

"Bert.. that's your name! We can't say enough about your wonderful show. We became "Bertified" on the Diamond Princess July 2004 in Alaska.You were truly the highlight of our week.We came by your Living Room every night, some nights for both shows.( A "Twofer") Thank you for dedicating our song "I Love You Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel for our 30th. Anniversary. How sweet was that!! You truly have a gift from God.Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Love the CD. We will be watching your schedule on Princess. Love to see you again. We'll send you our pictures with you. Love ya, "
George & Linda, West Hills, CA

"I was also on the 4/24 cruise and Bert was definitely the highlight of the cruise! I tell all my clients that sail on Princess to look for Bert."
JoEllen Shatz, CruiseOne

"Please add us to the fan club. We sailed Caribbean Princess in May 2004 and thought Mr Stratton was "Bertiful"!"
Lynne & Paul

"Saw Bert Stratton on the Diamond Princess 4th of July Cruise to Alaska. We thouroughly enjoyed his entertainment, ended each evening with "Bert" at the piano lounge and was so glad he played the Explorer Lounge on the last night. A wonderful end to a beautiful cruise. Now enjoying his CD every evening!"
Sally & Robin, Tacoma, WA

"We were on the Golden Princess Nov 2003, and came upon a huge crowd deeply involved in the entertainment. We stopped a while and joined in to discover that Bert Stratton puts on a fabulous show. After that night, we spent each evening with Bert and even purchased his CD so we could continue to enjoy his music. We are getting married this October on the Carribean Princess, bringing our friends and families, and have been hoping that Bert will be onboard to make our cruise that much more enjoyable and memorable."
Don and Jodi, Brooklin, Ontario Canada

"Seeing Bert Stratton's shows on our recent cruise to Alaska (6/12/04-6/19/04) was a highlight of our trip. His obvious enjoyment of entertaining and meeting people is what makes him special. He has a boatload of talent and I hope his career and his fans continue to grow. We will definitely look for him on our next cruise."
Carol Herney, Murrieta, CA

"Please subscribe me as a Bert Stratton fan. I first met Bert when he was on the Ocean Breeze of Dolphin Cruise Lines and then on Premier Cruise Lines. I have e-mailed Bert to find out where he will be in December and will book that ship for my next cruise. You are right he is the best there is. On the Premier ship he played for 3 couples and extra 1/2 hour after his nights gig was over. Best Regards,"
Rob Nuttall

"Jo Ann and I first encountered Bert on the Golden in 2002. We then went on the Caribbean on its inaugural voyage and who was there at the piano? Yup, Bert. It made the trip, with all of its other faults, an enjoyable occurrence. While I'm typing this, I'm listening to Above and Beyond. I can't swear to it, but I'm fairly sure I've listened to this album more (since April, 2004) than any album I've ever owned. We have a CD version, which we purchased from Bert, for my car and a cassette tape version in Jo Ann's car. I'll end this now so I can go to my Email and ask Bert how to get the initial CD he made. Bert, you are just GREAT!!!"
Tom and Jo Ann Varner, Holmdel, NJ

"Please add me to the Bert Stratton fan club. He is such fun. So good, so good."
Lucille Case

"We took our first cruise on the Caribbean Princess in April and became acquainted with you, Bert, early on. What a pleasure to be in your living room and share in the pleasure you spread to all present. You are talented and wholesome, a genuinely good person, very gifted and sharing the best of gifts with all who come to know you. You are indeed of gift. Thank you and we thank God for this wonderful experience. You really were about the best part of the cruise. "
Vivian and Arnie, New England, North Dakota

"We were on the Sea Princess's Mexican Riviera Cruise in Spring 2002 and fell in love with Bert, like everyone else who hears him. WE just felt that he was an old friend we had known for years, instead of a new friend. It was so sad to leave him on the last evening, but left promising ourselves we would see him again soon. We have been on about a dozen cruises with different companies, but have never enjoyed an entertainer so much. We plan to always cruise Princess as long as we can follow Bert. We are waiting for his fall schedule, to see where he will be. I, like many others, hope Princess knows what a great performer they have and they compensate him well. It can't be easy to be away from home so much of the time. Maybe that is why Bert makes you feel just like one of his family!! It was so nice to hear a performer who had such a clean show. Anyone could be comfortable with his show. Thank you Bert."
Bill and Nancy Giles, Cherokee, AL

"Please add me to the list of Bertified Fans! I was on his cruise May 1-8 and loved every minute of it. He is great!! I have both of his CD's and listen to them at least once every day. I love his beautiful love songs."
Aletha, Franklin, NC

" We first met Bert on the Golden Princess in February 2003 and have been fans ever since. We saw him again on the Star in July 2003 and the Golden in January 2004. He is by far the best entertainer that we have ever seen on any of our 30 cruises. We listen to his 2 CD's often and know most of the songs by heart. We are planning to check his itinerary for next winter before we book our cruise for January or February. The only down side to being on a ship with Bert is that we miss most of the production shows and comedians, etc., as we'd rather be listening to "twofers". It's a good thing he doesn't play during the day--we'd never get to the pool!!! "
Reggie and Lew Weinstein

"We became "Bertified" on the September 17, 2001 Alaska cruise. Just a week after 9/11 and the introduction of "The Strappers". We found him the second night and went back every night after that. We were so impressed by his talents and love for entertaining we went back to Alaska in May of 2003, front row seat every night. We currently have another Alaska cruise book for September of this year. During our time away from Bert we listening to the two videos we made plus all three of his CD's. He is an extraordinary talented man and with a passion for music and fun for everyone. What better praise for someone than to read all of the comments on this website. I really hope Princess knows what they have. The fan club is a great idea, sign us up."
Dan and Karen Payne, Vancouver, Washington

"The benefits of being in Bert's Fan Club are that you get to see and hear more about this great entertainer!, visit us often. You send us a comment, and you're in the Club.... Don't forget, we're
Riding the Wind"
O. P. Ditch, Temporary Chairman

"We are interested in joining Bert's fan club. After experiencing Bert on the Golden Princess last November, we sent him an email and he wrote back pretty soon afterward. What a great guy! My husband and I enjoyed listening to him every night, and one night he was too sick to play and we really missed him. Bert was one of the most memorable parts of our caribbean cruise! We hope to catch him on another cruise in the future. Please let us know what to do to join the club and what the benefits are."
Connie and Cliff Beardslee

"Hey I never realized he had a fan club to. Wow you are the Bomb Bert going to start calling you Whats your name Bert the Bomb. My son and I had the pleasure of going to Alaska last year 2003 and meeting this fine man. He was an inspiration to both of us and every night, we were in the front row until the end of the wonderful show. What a wonderful and talented and funny guy. Everyone in the world should be enjoyed all the time with people like him. He is my inspiration and a friend I hope to see soon on I hope another cruise with him. Bert, Thanks for your kindness and good music and laughter you made mine and my sons trip GREAT,"
Sandy and Doug, in California

"I had sent Bert an email telling him how much my husband, our friends and I loved him and he just sent me an email with a link to this website.  We decided on our 17th anniversary that we would do something special for our 20 th anniversary (we got married within a couple months of each other in 1983).  We decided on taking an Alaskan Cruise.  We heard Princess was a good cruise line, so off we went.  We stumbled into Bert's living room the second night on the cruise and went back every night after that.  He played so many songs that brought back memories.  We were amazed at his capacity to memorize songs.  We bought his CD and had it autographed.  I want to take another cruise next year and will be sure to look to see where Bert will be playing.  Thank you for taking the time to do this for him and all his fans.  He is a genuinely nice and caring person and deserves to know how much joy he brings into people's lives, not to mention how many memories.  We still talk about Classics and two-fers.  I do hope that Princess knows what a treasure they have in him."
Laura Szpot (?)

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Bert on 2 different cruises and I wish I could go on another one this year. I don't know when I have ever seen a more enthusiastic performer!!!! He REALLY enjoys what he does. And his original songs are fabulous. I hope to go on another Princess Cruise next year to see him again. Meanwhile, I'll have to be content to listen to his CD and get an occasional "fix" from the video of Sweet Caroline. I'm Bertified and would be proud to belong to the fan club."
Mary Jackson,Center, MO

"We came across Bert's "living room" on our Feb. 28, 2004 cruise on the Golden Princess. We enjoyed Bert more than any other entertainer because we just had so much FUN with him. He is a very talented and funny guy, and engages and involves the audience in a very unique way. We are now waiting for his Fall schedule so that we can then plan our next cruise and be sure that he is on it. We actually had a cruise booked with Celebrity, but have canceled it in order to sail on Princess with Bert. I hope Princess knows what a good thing they have in him. We wrote them a letter after our Golden cruise about how much we enjoyed Bert. We hope they take very good care of him. Thanks for this fan club. What a great idea..SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD!!!"
Laurie Raphael, St. Louis, MO

"My wife and I took every opportunity to attend Bert's shows on our Sea Princess cruise to the Mexican Riviera in 2002. He was a real highlight for us with his unique and humorous style of entertainment. This is a photo of my wife, Nadine, with Bert."
Bill & Nadine Clewett

"Hi, I am a bertified fan. I have been on two cruises with bert. I am listening to his cd as I write this. He needs to get super star status. He is every good and even better than some superstars that I have heard. I wonder how you go about getting his cd played on radio stations. I know it is played on a station somewhere in the South. I have wrote to my local station to ask if this is possible. I have not heard yet. What are your thoughts?"

"Oh my goodness!!!!! Thank you for the Sweet Caroline video. I've wished we had taken a video of Bert doing that song since our cruise, and you've posted it here for us. Now get him to do his next CD a "live in concert". That would be so much fun to have. We found Bert on our Feb 28, 2004 Golden Princess cruise. We had more fun with him than we've EVER had with any other entertainer! He was the icing on the cake for us on that cruise. We are now waiting to hear which ship he's going to be on for his Fall schedule, so we can book our next cruise. When I last emailed Bert, he said he thought it would be between the Star and the Caribbean. Do you have any further info about that? What a great idea to start this fan club. No entertainer deserves it more. What a talented and funny guy!!! Who would believe that we'd plan which cruise to take around an entertainer. He was THAT good. THANKS for starting this fan club and posting it here!!! SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD!!!!"
Laurie & Larry

"We "stumbled" into Bert's Living Room midway through a cruise on the Golden Jan. 2003. We heard about a great entertainer onboard and they were right. We stayed for every show after that. He even dedicated a song to my husband and myself by Billy Joel. Bert is awesome, a really great person. I got my sister excited about Bert so the two of us booked the same cruise in March 2003 on the Golden. This time we didn't "stumble in", we were there front and center on the first night he performed and we remained there the entire cruise. We loved him. We listened to both cd's on the ride back to Atlanta. My husband and I just sailed again with Princess and I didn't realize how much I had hoped Bert would be onboard. His living room was empty. On karaoke night someone sang Caroline and the bar tenders were yelling "so good, so good, so good"!! Now my husband and I need a Bert fix. We are eagerly awaiting news of which ship Bert will be on after the Diamond."
Jen Poellinger Atlanta, GA

"I (we) enjoyed Bert first time on Alaska Cruise Sept 10-25 2001 Ocean Princess. In the middle of the terrorist act, Bert worked extremely hard to over come the somber crowd. He did not need my help, but I pulled out my belt to snap it at the whip part of Ghost Riders in the Sky and Rawhide; He and the crowd loved it and I became the "Strapper" Others joined. I (we) came back again on April 18-28 2002 on the Sea Princess to Mexican Riv. Ditto the above and he welcomed me back in grand style. A true professional that has his audiences highly entertained with a really clean act. His piano is superb! My Best to him and look for me again in the audience real soon. Head em up move em out."
"yee ha !"
Tony Schrick, Athens, TX

"I'm an old fan of more than 10 years--Keep on playing & writing more great music--"I love ya, babe"."
Monte, M., Leesburg, Fl

"My mother Gloria from Oklahoma and I (from California) Get together for cruises often. Last summer on the Dawn Princess cruising Alaska we met our man Bert. Of all the activities on board our time with him was THE BEST. He made our hearts sing! I'll cruise again just to see him - BUT I'd rather see him in a big nice theatre in Branson! Sake's alive we've been Bertified ! Thanks for creating this fansite - it's been long over due !"
David Simpson, Los Angeles, CA

"At last Bert has his own Fan Club. I've been "Bertified" and a member of the family since 2002. I espeically love Bert's "2-furs"."
Mary Case, Danville, CA

"We have been home less than 24 hours and have already listened to Bert's CD and watched him perform again via video that my husband took April 29, 2004 during our Caribbean Princess cruise. Once Bert noticed my husband videoing he was awesome and entertained for the camera! Princess is fortunate to have this caliber of entertainer aboard. We loved being in his "living room," learning about "Two-fers,"(throw the head back!) and becoming "Bertified!" Truly the best entertainment we have ever seen on a cruise."
Tommy and Roni Toups, Texas City, TX

"We cruised with Bert on the Star Princess last August, 2003. We are cruising again this summer and we are taking our children and their families with us. We can hardly wait for them to enjoy Bert with us. We don't have to worry about our young granddaughters hearing anything inappropriate. He puts on such a clean and entertaining show. If laughing is good for your health I left the ship in much better health than when I boarded. He seems like such a great human being. God bless him! We are counting the days!"
Sandy Barnes, Yuba City, CA

"I "stumbled" into Bert's living room on the Sun Princess in January 2002. Thank goodness it was early in the cruise so we could enjoy his show every night, well into the night, the rest of the cruises. I've been on many cruises over the years, but I've never had as much fun as on a "Bert Cruise". Princess is lucky to have such a talented and genuinely warm & wonderful person onboard its ships. I'm glad to know his schedule ahead of time so I can plan my cruises around Bert's schedule. Thanks Bert! I'm glad you'll be in Seattle this summer."
Barbara Bullock, Federal Way, WA

""Stumble Ins" We "stumbled" into Bert's Living Room on the Golden Princess in February of 2003, and we were so impressed we stayed for both performances all week long. We then booked the Star Princess to Alaska last summer, and recently the maiden voyage of the Caribbean Princess. We love Bert and are now totally "Bertified." What a great talent he is!"
Dee and Owen Frisby, Rockville, MD

"Thanks for starting a Bertified fan club. We were on that sailing also. Put me down as a member."
Terry, Winston, OR

"Thanks for starting this fan club. You're right, it's about time. We love Bert! I've seen him 4 times and my husband and I plan to sail with him again on the Diamond in August. We can't wait! Princess is so fortunate to have such a talented and genuine person working for them. One of the best things we ever did was to sail on the Golden Princess in January 2003. We met Bert and he's been a friend ever since!"
Jean Clauer, Minnesota

"Bert was the best thing about our Caribbean cruise in February. We took our 80 year old mothers with us and they too had a ball in Bert's "living room". We have listened to both CDs since we have been home and cannot wait to cruise with him again."
Linda Williams, Independence, MO

"I've listened to our Bert C.D. and played it over and over again. Each time it plays I fall back to the special evenings spent with my sweetheart and new friends, enthralled, watching and listening to a guy named Bert."
Ron and Shari Krywanio, Tinley Park, IL

"Evenings have been quiet this week Fortunately we have his CD's. We envy you for your [upcoming] Alaska trip. We will be at sea also, but on the opposite coast. We will catch up with you both and him at a later date. Not only is he talented,but he also comes through as a nice person. Regards,"
Frank and Barbara Mercer, Bluffton, SC

"Best time I have had on a cruise. Bert makes me laugh. So Good! So Good! So Good!"

"Saw Bert again on the Caribbean Princess in May 2004 .............just keeps getting better and better."
Shirley Ditch, Woodbridge, VA

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