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All Bertified Fans Welcomed
Another Poem by Bertified Fan Sheri Bridges

BERT CRUISE #2 (Dec 5-12, 2009)

The Bert Cruise II is off to a roaring start,
For almost a year, we have been apart.

In the Spring, Bert's reviews were beginning to dwindle,
So what could we do to get Bert rekindled?

O.P. stepped in and Bert had a page on Facebook,
Where everyone could sign in to chat and take a look.

Bert's Facebook.com is a new adventure to him,
As he is learning how to comment and chat with his "kin".

The time for the cruise was not conducive to many,
But they are planning for the next one, as to time and money.

Linda has done a wonderful job bringing everyone from near and afar,
The badges and door signs are simply great and Bert even has a gold star!

Unforgettable, that is what Bert is, as we listen from afar to his CD's,
They are our lullabies when we go to bed each night to get some Z's.

We are now more than friends and family as Bert says "we are kin",
This means we will be with him forever through both thick and thin.

Bert's saying "the middle don't make no difference," for this week is not true,
Because we all are here to enjoy Bert for all he can do.

We have heard Bert has been on cruises without us but that is o k,
Because we know it will make our kinships grow larger with each day.

Bert's songwriting is special and comes straight from the heart,
However, he is truly the cruise ship entertainer when he is playing the part.

Heard the Toledo Idol event was considered to be a tie,
We fans know the winner would surely have been Bert, our guy!

He has been traveling from Toledo to Poland and became confused as to the time,
Upon coming onto the Crown Princess and having twelve hours of sleep, he has been reoriented just fine.

Even though it will be very hard to say good-bye at the end of the trip,
We pray we will be able to be together at another time, on another ship.

We all now care for Bert with a very special bond,
He is our ONE and ONLY and with God's blessings, we will be with him ABOVE and BEYOND.

........... Sheri Bridges, Certified Bertified ............

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