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All Bertified Fans Welcomed
A Poem by Bertified Fan Sheri Bridges


Bert Stratton is the man for all to see,
Not just Bert but Bert with an "E".

He's funny, handsome, and has a great smile,
Being kind and friendly all of the while.

His faces are many as he plays the piano and sings,
Snaps his fingers and claps as well as many other things.

His "living room" overflowing with his cruise family is a sight to see,
If you want to sit down, you need to be there very, very early.

Standing to play the piano is one of Bert's hallmarks to fame,
With microphone in hand he shouts out "What's my name?"

He is said to be a cross between Victor Borge and Jim Carey,
After you've seen him, you most likely will agree.

He is charming and witty, talented and smart,
All of Bert's words come straight from the heart.

He slides down the keyboard on the seat of his pants,
And stops just right to raves and rants.

O. P. was impressed with Bert's many talents and originality,
He then got the OK to start a fan club for all to see.

BertStratton.com is the place to go for many words of praise,
Fan Club info, items for purchase, and Bert's schedule for future days.

He proudly announces he wrote all of the songs on his CD's,
As he sticks one to his forehead for all to see.

Laughter and clapping are very much a part of the night,
When Bert does his "hoe-down", it is hysterically a sight!

He claims he needs therapy but soon we all see,
He is here for the love of entertaining for you and me.

Yes, we are all on the same boat but what a privilege it is to be,
On the boat with Bert, Bert with an "E"

........... Sheri Bridges ............

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